Agreed to have them place a Monster Energy Drink ad on my vehicle and get paid weekly.They sent me a money order for $900 .

Deposit or cash it at my bank and keep $350 as initial payment . The remaining balance ($550) to be sent via Western Union to a person named Zina Stephanie Pierre in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida . The $900 never ended up clearing from my bank so I've been robbed a total of $611 with my banks service fees.

I am so pissed but yet feel so *** .Now I'm nearly broke but they don't care and their is probably nothing I can do about it but take up the £¢€?$@.

Monetary Loss: $611.

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Windham County, Vermont, United States #1328816

I've recently got an email from Rockstar | Hype/REDBULL Energy Drink®

Advance adsworld Outdoor Advertising Inc.

saying almost the same thing.They didn't say anything about having to send money back to them.

They just said they would send me an money order.

Which if true I wouldn't cash at my bank.I'd go to Walmart or somewhere to check cashing place and pay the fee

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1305111

I got 1 too.From Dave Dennison, $950 moneygram, I called moneygram before I put it in the bank and moneygram said it was fake....so, why would they do this?

How does it benefit them?

I've sent them nothing.Somebody please explain...skhandtkh@gmail.com

Paris, Arkansas, United States #1262253

I deposited it in my account what should I do


I've been burned by this sh#t before and was initially excited.but ended up $4000 in debt to the bank and they closed my accnt, even though I spent none of it.

Still hit my account as overdrawn and then fraud.Dont these people have better things than to prey on the broke and naive?

Glad you guys are here to check this stuff against, thanks, because the car wrap sounded good then immidiatley fishey when they ask for money back


Yes i though,,although a little weird Id' do it for 350 a week but many people getcha with the Ill send you money you cash it with good money and send it back to them, this sort of scam is getting really old, suck they took your money,


Might I remind you that this is a modified version of the "Nigerian 719(?) scam!Where they want you to send some money to get "really large amounts" of money to US!

And of course they offer you millions of dollars in commision for this "work"! And again you use "Western Union". Where the money leaves, (and is never seen again!)_ At best you may recieve a box of old useless rags" for your commision too!

Red Bull, and Red Rain scams just speed up the system a little, by sending you this "valueable check", and all you have to do is send about 2/3 back,- after cashing it in your acount-- "And you recieve $300 cash right off"--- NOT!!Guess what you only lose $600 + beccuse you did not spend this $300 (hopefully)!


I got one last week that is similar, - except that they used "Red Rain Energy Drink"..It "registered" rather quickly when I read that they would send me check, and I was to send balance to another address (they claim graphics person)..

And I get to keep $300.00 for my first months payment!

Never - NEVER cash a check in your bank, and then forward from your account to somebody else! And never trust Western Union with anything that you can not be sure of recipient!

I may send "fast money" to a family member,- "with both ends watching to see that it arrives ok"!And immediate phone call as soon as sent, as swell as phone call from other end to make sure it got there!

You have about a 99% chance of getting clipped with any of these "projects"!!


why didnt you just cash the money order???

Americus, Georgia, United States #755846

I dont think its funny at all.I almost did the same thing but i went to the police department first then to a check cashing place inwhich they called the MoneyGram and alerted them that it was a fake.Im soooooo glad I did not cash it because I could have went to jail for fraud.

Who could I blame?

No one but myself.These people that are sending these things are fake people with fake ids.


Hey this just happened to us.The bank said we have to pay them back this money.


SAME Name and everything..Wish we saw this before it happened.

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